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Super moment to 'engage'

THE Government has warned that it may legislate to remove conflicts of interest in the superannuation industry, and has called for the sector to "engage" with the two major reviews scrutinising the industry.

Divorced men better off but not happier

FOUR years after a marriage break-up divorced men are significantly better off than divorced women and better off than before the separation. But the men are much more likely than the women to cry poor, a study has found.

Super minister tests water and withdraws

AUSTRALIA'S newest cabinet minister has taken an increase in compulsory superannuation contributions off the agenda one day after appearing to put it on.

Who's Rich? Poll Points

VICTORIANS are more likely than people in NSW to believe those on household incomes of $150,000 are "wealthy", the Age/Nielsen poll has found.

Australians Finding It Hard To Stay Rich

THE rich keep getting richer...maybe not. People with high incomes are subjected to ebbs and flows of misfortune in their own (designer) fashion, with their income almost as volatile as those at the lowest end of the scale, according to a long-term survey of 15,000 adults.